Thomas Wusem,
Global Head Warehousing of JCL Plus+

Logistics services for the retail trade
are a core competence of JCL

More than 200 years of experience qualify JCL Logistics Switzerland AG as a high-grade expert in logistics. Starting out with road transport, JCL kept expanding both the range of goods and the geographical reach.

Today, the Swiss company is active worldwide with 40 branches around the globe and provides logistics services on rail and road, in the air and on the ocean for many fields of industry and trade. At present the Swiss specialists are engaged in adding food logistics to complement the portfolio of services.

“In the beginning of 2015, we got a major contract from the German branch of Anheuser Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewery, for the rail transport of one million bottles of Beck’s a week from Bremen to Berlin,” says Thomas Wusem, Global Head Warehousing of JCL Plus+. “In August 2015, Anheuser Busch InBev doubled the volume to two million bottles a week, about 60 truckloads or 89,600 cases.” The contract is an excellent example of the quality and reliability of the transport and logistics services provided by JCL.

The high performance of JCL is the result of a wealth of know-how and experience hardly matched by competitors and of ongoing innovations to better meet the requirements of customers and markets. The origins of the oldest member of the JCL group date back more than 235 years. In 1777 Pott and Körner Shipping was founded in Hamburg, Germany.

1928 saw the birth of the predecessor of JCL. Hermann Jöbstl founded the forwarding company Jöbstl OHG in Austria and specialized in moving services and furniture transport. In 1956 art transport complemented the range, and Jöbstl eventually focused on enhancing its competence in furniture logistics. In the middle of the 1980s, Jöbstl added textile logistics.

In 1988 Hermann Jöbstl, Jr., succeeded his father and focused on increasing the competence in textile logistics. At the turn of the century, he secured the first partnership in Asia, a strategic move fully in line with the trend of outsourcing furniture production to Asia. In addition to opening up new markets, this move added new services such as ocean and air transport. At the time Stephan Jöbstl, the son of Hermann Jöbstl, Jr., established a joint venture with Centrum Logistics under the name of JCL and integrated his father’s company when he took it over in 2008.

The takeover was the starting point for targeted expansion on a global scale. Under the new owner, the company embarked on a strategy of acquisitions and partnerships across Europe and Asia including the acquisition of the oldest member, Pott and Körner Shipping.

Owned and headed by Stephan Jöbstl, JCL is well established on international markets today. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, JCL has 40 branches across the globe, mainly in Eastern and Western Europe and in the Far East.

“We have a well trained and experienced staff of 1,300 worldwide,” explains Mr. Wusem. “Last year we generated turnover of 360 million EUR, and we are looking forward to further increasing the turnover by 5% this year. We are well positioned to do so as we offer the complete spectrum of transport services by road, rail, air and ocean. We also offer intermodal transport, a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution. Moreover, we provide complete logistics services, both transport and product logistics, for many fields of industry and trade. Our solutions are bespoke solutions fully in line with customers’ wishes and requirements. Customer focus is the basis of our philosophy, and this means optimum quality and the best service at an excellent price/performance ratio. And if customers want more, we also go the extra mile.“

The competence of JCL in transport and logistics services is well proven above all with the retail trade, the automotive and the chemical industries, the health sector, high-tech equipment and furniture. “We are experienced in fashion logistics, too,” says Mr. Wusem, who joined JCL in 2012 as head of a branch in Austria and was appointed Director of JCL Plus+ in Switzerland in 2014. Today, he is Global Head Warehousing of JCL Plus+, the integrated transportation and product logistics division. “My responsibility encompasses business development as well as product management and includes administration, finance and the ongoing adaptation of processes. Backed by our longstanding experience, we know the industries, and we know the products and offer value-added services best suited to the individual products from processing, finishing, assembling and labeling to packing and repacking. There is hardly anything we cannot do. For example, in Asia we account for the complete supply chain management.”

Diversity is the prime target of JCL according to Mr. Wusem. “We try to have a broad customer base by diversifying our services. We are well established in fashion and furniture with a number of big names on the reference list. But we also have major corporations in smaller fields such as beverages. We have extensive experience in temperature-controlled transport for the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare, and we want to further expand the range. Food transport and food logistics are ideally suited to complement the service portfolio. There is a definite demand for food logistics. We keep getting inquiries, and we are determined to meet the demand. We have a number of refrigerated warehouses and refrigerated trailers in Switzerland. So we have everything we need for diversifying into food logistics. Thus we can further broaden the customer base and reduce the dependence on individual customers or industries, a prerequisite for future growth.”

JCL markets its services via its Internet platform and also makes use of social media. “We have ongoing market analyses on the different social media channels to find out where it is worthwhile to be present,” states Mr. Wusem. “We also take part in specialized trade shows and conventions, mainly JCL Plus+. However, word of mouth is our most important marketing tool. Thanks to the quality and reliability of services, we have earned a good reputation with customers and experts, and we are often invited to tender. At present there is growing competition and growing pressure to reduce costs. Logistics is an evolutionary branch with rapid changes. As a flexible customer and market-focused organization, we are well prepared to react quickly to these changes and offer customers services fully in line with the current market requirements. And we are going to open up new target groups.”

There is a growing number of e-commerce start-ups and small e-commerce companies that cannot provide logistics services on their own, a promising market. “We can offer these companies a perfect portfolio tailored to their specific requirements. Having 100 of these customers is far better than having one big one, so we benefit from small customers. Moreover, the small start-up of today can be a big company tomorrow and a big customer for us.”


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