Cooperation between JCL Logistics and AMA Freight Agency: Orange Ocean Line (OOL) as a new era of innovation and synergy in maritime transportation

JCL Logistics and AMA Freight Agency, two medium-sized and owner-managed logistics companies, are looking forward to a strategic partnership in the field of sea transportation. The two logistics companies have already been working together for several years and intend to bundle their expertise and innovative strength in sea freight procurement in the joint company Orange Ocean Line (OOL).

What is the aim of the collaboration between the two companies?

Orange Ocean Line (OOL) was originally founded by JCL Logistics. AMA Freight Agency has now joined OOL as a 50% joint venture partner in order to achieve joint purchasing and market development synergies in the ocean freight sector. This strategic decision aims to further improve the operational efficiency and market offering and thus promote the growth of both companies.

Where will OOL operate in the future?

In future, OOL will coordinate the joint international procurement of sea freight capacities from Switzerland. Through the intensified cooperation with AMA Freight, JCL Logistics will also further strengthen its market presence in the “Ocean Transport” segment in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Indonesia.

For more information about this partnership and the future projects of OOL (Orange Ocean Line), please contact:

Contact person JCL Logistics:
Christian Tausch
Mobile: +49 (170) 2854689

Contact person AMA Freight:
Leonard Slezak
Mobile: 040 374771 10