JCL appoints Axel Hinz Group CEO and Christof Marx Group COO 

The international logistics service provider JCL Logistics has named Axel Hinz, formerly CEO Air & Ocean, as Group CEO. Meanwhile, Christof Marx, who previously served as CEO Road & Rail, has been appointed as Group COO. Both positions are new additions to JCL Logistics’ organisational structure.

As Group CEO, Axel Hinz will drive forward JCL Logistics’ holistic, long-term strategy and focus on sustainable value creation. To this end, he will continue to work closely with the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees. At the same time, Axel Hinz will continue to lead the Air & Ocean and B2C business units.

“Axel is a seasoned leader who consistently delivers results. He is uniquely qualified to guide strategic prioritisation and growth across JCL, with a laser focus on sustainability and digitalisation,” said Stephan Joebstl, President of the Board of Directors. “I have tremendous confidence in Axel’s abilities to further expand JCL’s market position.”

An industry expert, Axel Hinz joined the JCL Group in 2020, bringing more than 30 years of experience in the logistics sector. He has held senior management positions at several leading European logistics companies, including the Rhenus Group and Geis Group.

As Group COO, Christof Marx is responsible for the company’s central operational processes. At the same time, he continues to oversee the Road & Rail and Contract Logistics divisions. Christof Marx joined the JCL Group in 2019. Bringing with him over 30 years of industry experience, he previously held strategic and operational management roles at companies such as Gefco and Imperial.

Commenting on the recent leadership changes, Stephan Joebstl notes: “We are fortunate to have the ability to expand the roles and responsibilities of both Axel and Christof. Maintaining a strong continuity of leadership with team members who are extremely familiar with our business is critical to JCL’s continued success, product innovation and ability to enter new markets while supporting a highly diverse range of services.”