JCL LOGISTICS Supports Swiss Non-Profit Project


During the coronavirus lockdown, innovative aid projects were set up in many places, which continued even after the restrictions were eased. Among these is the “Schaffhauser Ess-Box” (Schaffhausen food box). The three founders can still rely on the support of JCL.

The young, creative trio of Phillip Schmanau, Patrick Stauffacher and Laura Simons spontaneously came up with the idea in March this year to supply the residents of Schaffhausen and the surrounding area with fresh fruit and vegetables during the coronavirus crisis. At the same time, they wanted to create a new sales opportunity for local producers who could no longer sell at markets.

In no time at all, the “Schaffhauser Ess-Box” was created, with an online shop and telephone order hotline. All that was missing was a room in which the food boxes could be packed and prepared for delivery to households – in strict compliance with all coronavirus rules. This is where JCL came in. The employees of the logistics company in Thayngen were so enthusiastic about the project that, after consulting with management, they all pitched in and cleared the necessary storage capacity. This provided the founders with an optimal, separate storage space at cost price in next to no time. “In JCL, we have found a logistics partner that is as committed as it is reliable,” say Phillip Schmanau, Patrick Stauffacher and Laura Simons in agreement.

Thanks to JCL’s unbureaucratic support, the first food boxes could be handed over to their recipients just a few days after the idea was born. Volunteers assembled three different package sizes at the JCL site, which were delivered twice a week. Patrick Stauffacher and his colleagues are delighted: “We didn’t think our idea would be so successful.”

The three founders therefore want to continue the project. Demand from customers, but also from farmers, is still so great that the food box is now going to be extended into a permanent service. “The collaboration has worked incredibly well,” says John Zevenhuizen, Managing Director of JCL Logistics Switzerland AG, in summary. For him, there is no question that JCL will continue to support the project. “It is a good feeling being able to contribute to this lasting success. We will continue to commit ourselves to this cause,” says Zevenhuizen.

Photo: JCL Logistics Switzerland AG