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Track & Trace

JCL keeps you constantly informed about the status of your consignment. With modern Track & Trace systems and, on request, also by personal notification. Here, an employee accompanies your consignment from the creation of requirements until the completion of delivery so that you can concentrate in full on your core business.

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We not only deliver reliably, we also ensure that furniture or electronic devices are properly set up at your customer‘s premises. For these orders, we only send professionals such as carpenters and fitters. They reliably assemble the goods. Professionally,securely and quickly. Your customers will remember you in a positive light.

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We have far-reaching know-how with regard to logistics for the sectors Retail, Automotive, Health & Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Industry, FMCG and Drinks Logistics. Our outstanding specialist expertise stems firstly from our years of experience and the fact that we have grown with our customers. Secondly, our healthy growth is also an enrichment for our expertise.

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With each individual step along the entire transport route, our employees accompany your goods on their journey from start to finish and keep you informed about the progress of the consignment at all times. Information about e.g. the shipping of the goods or their arrival at the end customer‘s warehouse is not only automated but in most cases forwarded by the scheduler in person to the customer.

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We are highly familiar with customs clearance processes with cross-border transport. We deal with all the administrative tasks that occur and handle customs clearance in a professional manner.

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We ensure that our customers are not passed from one contact person to the next. With a central scheduler who organises and coordinates the services and forges new paths together with our customers, we reduce the complexity.

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JCL supports your supply chain processes with individually designed web portals and provides you with an overview, starting with the goods ordered, and the production, to the actual transport and the warehouse inventory. On the basis of our transport management system, the JCL IT team offers you an individual, customer-specific solution and supports you in your daily challenges.

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The logistics sector is a complex field with numerous participants. For our logistics services, we only use the best partners and do not make any compromises. It is part of our responsibility to use partners with high specialist expertise and suitable equipment. We have years of knowledge of the logistics market and know which carriers comply with our standards and can meet the requirements of our customers.

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From intermodal solutions to transports with especially small “carbon footprint” – JCL goes new ways for customers, also apart from well-beaten paths. With precise monitoring of the market, careful selection of the carriers and intelligent linking of the transport means the specialists of JCL create innovative transport solutions that perfectly combine efficiency with the highest possible level of environmental protection.

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Just in Time

Due to the high degree of automation in automotive production, the time frames for the delivery of parts for vehicle production are extremely tight. Just-in-time deliveries directly to the production line are therefore standard today. In our long-standing close collaboration with the international automotive industry, we have always proven ourselves to be a committed partner who carries out deliveries reliably and on time.


Very large projects such as the setting up of an entire industrial system including production systems place the highest demands on logistics: all parts have to be delivered in a timely manner and in precisely the order
that is required for efficient assembly on site. With project-related goods, a competent selection of the transport partners and routes is just as vital as experience and a precise risk assessment.


Unforeseeable events or special measures for quality assurance that are not carried out until directly before vehicle assembly on the production line may mean bottlenecks in parts supply at short notice. In extreme cases, this can result in a stoppage in production. We organise special trips at short notice and around the clock in order to guarantee the supply to production of urgently required components.


Due to our close involvement in the production process, as an internationally networked company, we are able to respond quickly and competently to new challenges. Modern transport solutions, standardised IT systems as well as highly motivated employees make it possible for us to react quickly to the changing requirements of our customers.


Timely delivery, minimum risk and optimum cost efficiency are always the focus when selecting transport solutions. If there should nevertheless be unforeseen events that cause delays, we ensure prompt and straightforward solutions. In most cases, the customer does not learn of the problem until we have already solved it for him.


JCL takes you by the hand and actively supports you in issues of system integration, from consulting to conceptual design, planning and accompaniment during the implementation in order to guarantee a smooth, timely procedure for you. The JCL IT team has many years of sector-specific experience in the handling of customer projects and together with you lays the foundation for a successful partnership based on successful project handling.


JCL has a well-founded, solid base for your system integrations and offers you security of the highest order. We use the latest server technologies in the most state-ofthe-art data centre in Austria and can offer you high failure safety, state-of-the-art data back-ups and unconditional data security. Our systems are located in a secured cloud, can be reached worldwide and are optimised for Big Data.


When selecting transport partners and routes, we strive to keep the risk as low as possible. Due to our long-standing close collaboration with truck operators, railway companies, shipping companies and airlines, we find the optimum solution for you at all times. Together with reliable partners around the world, the experienced employees at JCL ensure that your goods arrive at their destination safely and in a timely manner.


In order to reduce the assembly time at the plant even further, parts that are built into a vehicle in high variance are pre-assembled by us. This demanding work is carried out by our qualified employees in air-conditioned halls specifically adapted for this purpose. The configuration of the modules and the directly following delivery to the production line is done by call-off at short notice (Just in Sequence) using an IT system.


Highly networked and automated industries require modern and flexible logistics solutions. Perfect communication plays a decisive role here. At JCL, both standardised IT system and customer solutions with direct connection to the customer as well as the great personal commitment of the employees ensure a prompt and precise flow of information between the partners – around the clock and worldwide.


We attach the greatest important to safety. All the employees used, the sector-relevant equipment, means of transport and warehousing options correspond to statutory specifications and do not permit any gaps in safety. We do not take any risks and already exclude many of them beforehand through planning, training, maintenance and the use of the latest safety precautions.


We comply meticulously with statutory provisions and the requirements of our customers. For us, sector-relevant certifications and quality management are the standards; in the process, we also impose strict rules on ourselves in order to be a reliable and competent partner for our customers.


From shirts to pianos – we have the right equipment in order to transport your product safely and without damage. Another factor is our qualified personnel who know exactly what transport logistics requirements the products place on us.


JCL works based on higher-level processes, standards and guidelines that guarantee you maximum quality with low implementation times at the same time, coupled with full flexibility. The many years of experience of our IT team, together with their expertise, contributes to the development of sustainable solutions in line with requirements and
that meet cost-efficiency requirements at all times.


JCL links the different IT systems with one another and helps to ensure a consistent flow of information for you. We provide all the transport-relevant information in electronic form or import order data from third-party systems. The JCL IT team integrates individual systems quickly and efficiently to form a joint unit. With individual reports that are sent automatically on the entire progress of the transport, you never lose connection to the electronic world.


With a one to four-man delivery, it can be guaranteed that bulky products (0–500 kg) can also arrive at the destination safely and without damage. Our years of experience help us to assess when the use of several employees is required. In the process, we do not make any half-hearted compromises. Corresponding equipment and qualified staff transport heavy and unwieldy goods quickly and without damage to their place of destination.


We take over the integrated returns management for you. Based on your specifications, we assess the returned goods and initiate the corresponding process. We restore products up to a certain degree and take over the transport to the desired point of sale. The reliable handling of the returned goods should not be your concern, but rather our remit.


JCL handles all goods with the greatest of care at all times. From handling to loading and the careful compliance with safety provisions; with each process, JCL handles the products of the customers with great care.


Particularly in the retail sector, appearance is a decisive factor to awaken the interest of end customers. That is why we ensure that your products are prepared ready for sale. We find customer-friendly solutions to give the last finishing touches to your goods. Our professionally skilled employees are specifically trained in your product and know how to best handle it. With our product logistics expertise, you save staff, space and time.


You get what really counts from us – the product in the best condition and at the right place. In the process, inherited liabilities such as packaging material or old furniture should not be a problem that you or your customers have to deal with. We ensure that packaging material and old furniture are properly disposed of.


We develop process-optimising concepts that are characterised by high efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Highly networked and automated industries require modern and flexible logistics solutions. Perfect communication plays a decisive role here. At our company, both standardised automotive IT systems with direct connection to the customer as well as the great personal commitment of the employees ensure an optimum flow of information between the partners, around the clock and worldwide.


We assemble goods professionally and do not only get the best out of the product from a visual perspective. Our professionally highly skilled employees and our multi-user warehouse mean that we are able to assemble products for sale beforehand. Your sales employees thus do not have to waste any valuable time with assembly work and can devote their attention to the customer.


Both with classical transport and with comprehensive involvement in the entire supply chain – JCL sees its role not only as a pure service provider but also as a committed partner to its customers. Great interest and detailed knowhow of our employees about the respective sector and/or the goods to be transported also make JCL a logistics partner for you that you can rely on.


Our services go well beyond the standard. We develop for you and with you optimum, integrated solutions in the areas of transport and product logistics. In the process, we develop process-optimised concepts in order to achieve maximum efficiency from your supply chain and reduce the complexity of the processes.


If the transport of the goods is particularly challenging, such as the transcontinental delivery of solar systems, we provide an adviser who inspects the goods on site and provides the client with expert advice. An optimum transport concept is then drawn up together; this concept extends from professional packaging to the selection of the ideal carrier.


In addition to the storage of vehicles and components, we also carry out interval deliveries in the aftermarket sector with which we, for example, supply a network of dealers in a large area with spare parts or accessories. The call-off order by the customer is done using a standardised IT system; the trips to the different sites are carried out at a previously defined interval.


We take over the delivery to the end customer for you by parcel using one, two or four-man handling – depending on requirements. With the use of specially qualified employees for business-specific and customer-oriented services, we offer you quick and professional delivery of goods.


In the right quantity and in the right condition; we avoid delaying and problematic circumstances from the outset. The testing of quality and quantity is carried out by us in a professional manner. In the process, you will be permanently notified of the condition of your goods using detailed, IT-based reporting.


We find the best transport solution for you at all times. In the event that there are several possibilities in the selection of the carriers and/or transport route, we will inform our customer about the different variants. From the costs over the term to the selection of the transport partner – we offer transparent and easily comparable solutions. As a competent partner with a wealth of experience, we are on hand to advise our customers.


Special goods require special transport solutions. From special equipment for heavy goods to open-top containers for large-scale machines, we provide the best solution for you. With our great know-how and wealth of experience, we “accompany” your special consignments around the world, from forward carriage to on-carriage, from/to the port, via sea and air transport to the “last mile”.