JCL unveils brand changes to address evolving logistics needs

JCL unveils brand changes to address evolving logistics needs
Baar, Switzerland, 13 September 2021: JCL Logistics introduced a new slogan, mission and vision as part of its growing efforts to position itself to meet customers’ changing logistics needs. These new brand elements highlight JCL’s focus on driving forward dynamic, sustainable solutions and help solidify the company’s leadership position in the logistics industry.

JCL’s new slogan, mission and vision are as follows:

Slogan: Moving your world forward

Mission: Creating a decisive competitive edge for our customers’ businesses through innovative logistics solutions and excellent service.

Vision: Shaping the logistics future by offering our customers excellent products through a combination of sustainability, efficiency and digitalisation.

The new slogan, ‘Moving your world forward’, encapsulates the movement that is part of JCL’s DNA. The slogan represents the company’s commitment to mobilising its full range of services – land, sea, air, contract logistics and B2C – to advance customers’ businesses. Meanwhile, the new mission statement emphasises JCL’s customer-orientated mindset, driven by innovative solutions. Finally, the vision highlights JCL’s belief that a successful future depends on pushing forward digital services, putting an increased focus on the environment and strengthening efficiency.

Svend Hartog, spokesperson of the management board, says the decision to update JCL’s slogan, mission and vision is part of a larger, company-wide strategy to meet the needs of the logistics future. He notes, “Within the last year, we have made a number of important changes inside our organisation to become a more agile company. This served as our inspiration to revise how we present our brand to the world.”

In 2020, JCL restructured its management board to shift towards becoming a product-focused organisation that prioritises direct communication and fast response times. This year, the leadership team has already implemented several initiatives to prepare JCL for a successful future. For example, the board developed a new ESG strategy. In addition, new environmentally friendly transport options for customers were introduced, and most recently, an internal digitalisation strategy rolled out.

“The logistics industry is experiencing a period of rapid transformation, and JCL is proactively adapting to these changes,” explains Svend Hartog. “Our new slogan, mission and vision represents our desire to meet evolving logistics needs and for our employees to rise to the challenges we face in a fast-changing industry.”