JCL Whistleblowing and Reporting Channel

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JCL Whistleblower reporting channel


Wo can submit complaints and reports?

This can be answered briefly with “EVERYONE”. The JCL reporting channel is accessible to everyone – employees as well as external parties and organizations can submit complaints and reports.

What violations can be reported?

You may report a suspected actual or possible breaches of the law or JCL policy. That is, the following violations of the law:

  • financial services, money laundering, terrorist funding
  • product safety
  • transport safety
  • environmental protection
  • food and feed safety, as well as animal health, protection and welfare
  • public health
  • consumer protection
  • protection and security of personal data as well as privacy
  • breaches of tax law
  • theft/fraud
  • corruption
  • occupational safety and health, working conditions
  • human rights
  • secrecy
  • discrimination, disadvantageous or unfair treatment on the basis of origin, political opinion, religious or ideological beliefs or trade union membership
  • sexual harassment/sexual offenses
  • health impairment/physical injury
  • public procurement
  • other violations of the law

How to submit complaints or reports?

Reports can be made via the JCL Whistleblower Reporting Channel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This can be done in writing or verbally (via voice recording function of the JCL Whistleblower Reporting Channel) – providing your personal data or, if you wish, completely anonymously. The whistleblower reporting channel is available in several languages and is operated by PwC. In addition, the platform enables a two-way exchange of information while perserving the anonymity of the whistleblower.

Who takes care of incoming reports?

Incoming reports are reviewed and processed by a (multidisciplinary) team of experts at PwC, which is free of instructions, unbiased and impartial.

Will my identity be kept confidential?

YES – confidentiality and security of your data is our top priority! The expert team is subject to strict confidentiality and non-disclosure obligations with regard to reported matters, including the protection of the identity of whistleblowers and all persons affected by reports. Confidential data may only be disclosed if this is necessary and legally permissible.

Will I be notified that my report has been received?

Yes – receipt of a report is usually acknowledged immediately, or within seven calendar days at the latest.

How do I know if my message has been processed?

To the extent possible and legally permissible, you will be informed no later than three months after receipt of the report whether and what follow-up measures have been or will be taken or for what reasons the report will not be persued. For this purpose, after submitting a report, you will receive access data with which you can view the processing status of the report, communicate with PwC via chat and exchange further information.

Are whistleblowers protected?

YES! Whistleblowers who believe in good faith that the information they provide is true – based on the facts and the information available to them at the time of the report – are protected from retaliation by the law.