JCL Logistics expands its vehicle fleet and focuses on versatility

March 14, 2024 was an eventful day for the logistics service provider JCL Logistics. The 18-year-old UNIMOG was replaced by a new special vehicle, the UNIMOG U423. JCL Logistics’ wide-ranging fleet is now equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

The UNIMOG with rail guidance is a real powerhouse and is a great addition to the JCL Logistics fleet with its wide range of applications.

What is a two-way UNIMOG and what makes it special?

The Unimog can drive on the road, but also on tracks thanks to its special body and special equipment (road-rail vehicle).

High tractive and braking forces are achieved by using the high coefficient of friction between rubber tires and steel rails. The special vehicle can therefore handle heavy shunting work up to 800 t trailer load effortlessly and reliably. A semi-automatic gearbox with special clutch enables smooth shunting work and optimum conversion of engine power into high tractive forces. When used as a shunting vehicle, the UNIMOG is also equipped with a signal light and warning system and a railcar brake system.

For what will JCL Logistics be using the UNIMOG in the future?

JCL Logistics will use its new vehicle mainly for shunting wagons on its own connecting railroad in Feldkirch (AT). In future, the new UNIMOG will take over the loading, unloading, queuing and moving of rail vehicles at the JCL Logistics terminal. For example, it will assemble individual wagons into an entire train for further transportation.

With the acquisition of the UNIMOG, JCL Logistics continues to consistently pursue its goal of offering diverse and unusual transportation solutions.